iOS app won't fetch data when recalled back from background as does Android

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I developed and published an app both for Android and for iOS. I developed mainly on Android and then ported with some little changes to iOS. The app fetches data from a web API I made.
I always appreciate the behaviour of the Android version of the app thet, after being some minutes in background, when placed in foreground would automatically fetch the data and update the contents. I thought that this behaviour would have been the same for iOS apps too. Unfortunately now that the app is published I just noticed that iOS version won’t reload / fetch automatically the data after being in background.
Is this the common behaviour in iOS? How can I tell the app to reload / fetch the data after being in background for a while? Or do I have to implement a kind of manual scroll update?

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SOLVED using Lifecycle. Place this at the beginning of MainView.ux:

    Lifecycle.on("enteringForeground", function() {
        // fetch data here
        // then if needed router.push("to_the_page_you_want"); 

When the user recalls the app from the background the app will re-fetch the data as soon as woke up and in foreground.


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