Getting data via REST/fetch, not working on iOS

Hello there,
I have an issue with getting some data via REST. On the fuse preview, but also on a android device, everything works fine. In the iOS Simulator (Xcode) but also on a real iOS device it isn’t working. It must be a problem with the string / url.

If the url-string is just:
it works.

But if I try to add some more parameters like ‘?orderBy=“date”’, then it isn’t working anymore on the iOS (still works on the preview and android).

So, is there any solution to this problem?

fuse version: Fuse version 0.29.0 (build 8396)
working on a mac mini/OS X

Here is my function for getting the data:

function load_offers()
  //var url = '"date"'&startAt=" + timeToday.toString();
  fetch('"date"', {
    method: 'GET',
    cache: 'default',
    headers: {"Content-type": "application/json"}
    .then(function(result) {
      if(result.status != 200) {
        return result.json();
        .then(function(data) {
            //do sth..

That’s the answer to this problem. :slight_smile:


fetch('' + encodeURIComponent('"date"'), ...