Invalid Version Code APK

When I tried to upload the release APK to google, it said :
You uploaded an APK with an invalid version code, a version code must be specified and should be a positive integer

The following is my project file:

  "Title": "Wow Online Medical Service",
  "Version": "1",
  "Packages": [
  "Includes": [
  "Projects": [
  "Mobile": {
    "Orientations": "Portrait"
  "Android": {
	"VersionName": "$(Version)",
    "Icons": {
      "LDPI": "Assets/logos/logo-color-ldpi@1x.png",
      "MDPI": "Assets/logos/logo-color-mdpi@2x.png",
      "HDPI": "Assets/logos/logo-color-hdpi@3x.png",
      "XHDPI": "Assets/logos/logo-color-xhdpi@4x.png"
    "Key": {
      "Alias": "application",
      "AliasPassword": "xxxx",
      "Store": "release.keystore",
      "StorePassword": "xxxx"

So what’s wrong with my project file?

You need both a "Version" and a "VersionCode" property in there.