InterApp cause a crash if target app is not installed

If you use the following code and the target application is not installed on user device, the app will crash:

var url = encodeURI('whatsapp://send?text=crash');

target app: Whatsapp

Thanks for the report.

Which target have you tested with, is it Android, iOS or both? What target OS versions are affected?
What Fuse version are you using, and what OS are you on? Has this started happening recently, or was it the same with previous Fuse versions?

Sorry Uldis, I’ve send without this info and on wrong category…

but this is the environment:

Tested on Android (device) - had the problem.
Tested on iOS (simulator) - no problem.

and I’ve implemented this today, so i can’t tell you if this was working before.

Android 7.0
Fuse 1.4.0.
macOS Sierra.

Thanks for the details and testing. I went ahead and logged a ticket about this, so you can follow the progress there.