Integration With Airbnb Lottie and Fuse Timeline

Have you guys thought or already started any study regarding the support of lottie animations with Fuse Timelines?

I’m just wondering… how would be great to reuse some stuff already done :slight_smile:

and get benefits about reusing Airbnb design ecosystem.


There have been some discussions about it before, and it sounds like a great community project. Also, not really with Lottie, but rather with Bodymovin which Lottie is based upon.

The thing about Lottie is that it really has a very limited use-case. It looks sexy and cool, but it’s really just for linear animation, and for that, there are existing ways to do it that work well too (like PNG image sequences).

PNG’s increase the file-size of the app dramatically and is more device independent so Bodymoving via Lottie has that going for it.

I’d say that how dramatic the app size increase would be is very content specific. For typical onboarding-animations and smaller things like spinners and such, it should be negligible unless you go overboard. :slight_smile:

Again: it’s not that Bodymovin doesn’t have a reason for existing, it’s that the purpose it serves can in a lot of cases be handled without any extra technical intricacies. I keep saying I think this sounds like a fantastic community project actually.

I would totally welcome this kind of effort, since we use Lottie in our iOS projects regularly.

Here ya go y’all!