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Fuse Open Lottie Animation Component

Just released v1: https://github.com/rbtech/fuse-lottie

Have fun!


Thank you so much!!!

You’re welcome man, make something awesome!

I’ve many errors when I build for Preview on Android. This is one:

error: package com.airbnb.lottie does not exist com.airbnb.lottie.LottieAnimationView animationView = (com.airbnb.lottie.LottieAnimationView) lottieViewHandle;

All ‘com.airbnb.lottie’ has errors.

Can you help me?

Hmm, it seems that the specific android version is missing from lottie-android, weird.

@Samuel_Rizzon ok, updated the version in the repo… so strange that they removed the v2.5.3 for android but is the last valid version for iOS.


So is there any way to use in Android?

Yes. Here we go : https://github.com/rbtech/fuse-lottie-app

Getting same ‘com.airbnb.lottie’ error mentioned above.

Which version of fuse are you using?

I just tested the test app again it works fine: https://github.com/rbtech/fuse-lottie-app

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I am using 1.9.0 I can preview it but when i try to build app it gets me error.

Yeah, that’s why… the gradle version is older in fuse 1.9, I believe you need to use fuse 1.10+ for it to use the newer gradle to download the dependencies.

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Thanks a lot. I have been trying since 2-3 days but didn’t got any solution.