500px gallery app

After spending a few days with Fuse this is what I built: https://github.com/jveres/D500px

This architecture is pretty straightforward I think, congrats to the Team. Long way to go though:)

My wishlist for the next Fuse release:

  • bindable ImageSource states
  • more ScrollView triggers, recycling
  • ColumnLayout additions like triggering cell sizes for placeholders in advance
  • WebSocket support
  • native additions like CameraView, sensor triggers
  • [ADDED] Viewport fixes
  • [ADDED] NetworkAvailable trigger


Nice :slight_smile:

This is cool - thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: As for your wishlist, we just published our roadmap, so take a look at that to see if we tick a few of the boxes.


Updates for anyone’s interested:

  • I put together an XAuth handler for username/password based oauth logins (no webview required where the API supports this). No login in D500px yet however I’m already using oauth requests without authentication (public feeds).

  • Included a small js helper for cancellable/timeout promises which can be reusable in common use-cases.

Great Job! The app is very smooth. Would love to see a tutorial on how you’ve created this!! :smiley:

@jveres amazing! may i ask how many hours of work for the project? again thanks for sharing,

Hi, now it’s updated to Fuse 0.20.x.

I made XAuth login to work in this release, added pull-to-refresh etc, please play with it and share your experience. I mean the good stuff:)

Sorry @Elizabeth and @burakbirer, I somehow totally missed your questions here which are probably out of your interest now.