Integrating third party javascript library such as d3.js


I’m new to Fuse, only learned about this technology today. But it seems to be a very good tool for cross platform UX prototyping. I am wondering if it is possible to integrate third party javascript library such as d3.js?


Many javascript libraries are works with DOMs on client-side, and works with node.js’s native module on server-side. We can integrate 3rd party javascript library, but it’s very limited.

d3.js is good to use on client-side or you can serve pre-render on node.js server with jsdom. But I think you couldn’t use it for fuse, Unfortunately.

Yeah, d3.js is very focused on working within a DOM-based web stack - which we do not support. Other libraries that aren’t DOM-specific, such as Parse and Moment.js, do work out-of-the box. We’re also adding more complete support for things like localStorage, allowing libraries like TaffyDB to “just work” as well. So we’re constantly adding more, and there are probably loads more we haven’t tried that will work :slight_smile: