Can i make in-app purchases for my app if so how ?

Can in app purchases be done yet and if so how can i integrate them into my app. Im trying to make an in app purchase for a membership for example you can buy a 1 month membership for £10 and 3 months for £20 etc. How would i go about doing that and lets say i wanted to attach it to a button so when it’s pressed it would make them pay that amount :slight_smile:

One more question when is the match making app (parse backend example) coming out ?

does anyone know

You can do that with the iOS APIs from Uno. Not 100% sure about android yet.

There is currently no wrapper or example of how to do this published by Fuse.

is there gonna be any examples for this soon and when is the dating app example coming out ?

Please stick to one topic per thread, makes it easier for us to answer :slight_smile:

The dating app example is coming out soon.

Regarding in app payments - we are not working on this specifically, but we are working on examples of how to use the native APIs and third party libraries from Uno, which should get you started.

This thread is 9 months old. Can you point to the right link to trying Thirdparty library for In-App purchases? Would the PhoneGap plugin work in this regard?


You can find lots of samples here:

In particular how to work with third party libraries can be seen here:

You cannot use PhoneGap plugins directly.

We don’t have an official example for specifically how to use in-app purchases yet.