Images from server don't load

I have many images that have:

<HttpImageSource />

The problem is that some times (in IOS) some images dont load. I try to put some logic like this but I think that is not the correct way…

When the Url path is set I run a timer of 12 seconds and I trigger this method:

    void VerificarUrl()
        StateUrl = MyImage.State.ToString();
        if(StateUrl != "1"){

Also the loading times of the images in the devices is very slow!

We have switched out our iOS and Android http implementation which hopefully will resolve this and a lot of other bugs. This also includes support for the native caching mechanisms. It is scheduled for release in week 24.

The new iOS Net.Http implementation is part of today’s release and I encourage you to try it out.

One particular issue with the previous implementations were requests that would never complete, instead of erroring with a timeout and the likely source for the issue you saw. This has been fixed.