Image Canvas

Dear Sirs,

First, i’m appreciated from your kind support. Then, what about to add UX tag like HTML5/Canvas;

Which will let us to draw, change, and to be inspired from GPUImage (iOS/Android). Also mainly to export the image and get Base64 from it.

That will unlock additional features like Instagram,Facebook as well as SnapChat have !.

i hope to ask me for explanation if it wasn’t clear.


Hi, I’m wondering if this or this does what you’re after?


after reviewing the packages, it mainly focused on Drawing by figures , but what i need GPUImage-like.
GPUImage is stunning because it adding many features to the image itself and applying filters which we need exactly.

Please see this Android library insta-filter

Alright, in that case it looks like a community effort to wrap those 2 libraries in Foreign code. I imagine that would be quite a time-consuming and non-trivial task.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to get the eyes of our graphic effects gurus on this, and maybe they’ll add something useful to this thread.

Thanks, we will still waiting your guru’s contribution.


Ok, there’s some more details. Take a look at FuseFX library. That might serve as a good basis for further extensions.