How to use -DUSE_HARFBUZZ?


How to use the -DUSE_HARFBUZZ flag?

J:\Documents\Fuse\projectFolder>fuse preview

works fine, but

J:\Documents\Fuse\projectFolder>fuse preview -DUSE_HARFBUZZ

response with that:

Fuse 0.35.0 (build 10867)
fuse: Could not find a fuse project to preview

and why the improved text renderer is not default?


This is a problem with the fuse command’s command-line parser.

Try using (inside the project directory)

fuse preview . -DUSE_HARFBUZZ 


fuse preview your.unoproj -DUSE_HARFBUZZ

The improved text renderer will be the default soon, at least in preview. We’re just making sure it works well before we switch.