How to replicate Messages bouncing bubbles in iOS?

When you are in a conversation within the Messages app in iOS, if you scroll up or down you will notice that the bubbles and more so the text saying when the messages were sent, will bounce into place.
I´m building a chat view and would love to being able to recreate a this springy effect.

Would this be possible to create out of existing components in Fuse or do I need to implement som dynamics library?

Could any one who knows (or have an idea :slight_smile: ) point me in a direction to where to start looking?

I can’t think of a way to do this in pure UX/JS as of 0.32.

It can however be done with a small Uno Behavior class that simply adds some latency to the movement unless an element is pressed. This is a bit too complicated to just provide a pseudo code implementation here though.