How to manualy install the ndk bundle

Tired of seeing this prompt with no progress bar. i can manually download the ndk… how do install it afterwards?


Same problem here…

Same here, ¿Any Ideas?

I was able to fix that downloading the NDK manually and placing on “C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Fuse\Android”, with the folder name of “AndroidNDK” (that’s the name the Fuse put when downloading by terminal), by doing that the Installing ndk-bundle is skiped after recognize the NDK installed on your machine.
That works for me.

We would love to provide progress during NDK installation, however after we started using the new android package manager by Google (the old one was removed) we lost progress during installation.

If you want progress, download the NDK from and extract it to the AndroidSDK folder, and call the folder ndk-bundle. Also, make sure to not install Revision 15 since it isn’t yet supported by Fuse, but will be in the next release.