How to get image in iOS Native which is added in Fuse

I have added images to Fuse and they are displaying in Resources/data folder in Xcode project. But their name is changed. Some string is appended to name. Like map-marker.png becomes map-marker-3b3e0eb2.png. Also the image is not showing in ImageView.

Step to set Image:

  1. Move image from data folder to direct Resources folder
  2. Set Target in image
  3. Change ImageView set image name from map-marker.png to map-marker-3b3e0eb2.png…

How Can I set an image to Assets.xcassests folder so I don’t need to change image name and move image?

Repo of Project:

Could you please explain what the use case is? As in, WHY do you need to land the images there, and what do you intend to do with them?

I am using Mapbox with Fuse. For that, I have created a package of Mapbox. In mapbox, I am rendering multiple layers. For different locations, I have to set image in iconName property of the layer. So I need to add an image in Fuse and access in iOS native code.