How to dispose of old routes screens

So I have a simple navigation, similar to this:

And I have a video running, with music, in my login screen. Whenever I navigate to the home screen, the video’s music is still playing, and when I do a router.goBack(), the video doesn’t start from the beginning, rather it continues playing as if it was only hidden from the UI, not completely disposed of. That’s something I wished Fuse 0.2 would take care of.

My issue here isn’t with the video or the music. It’s the fact that this view’s still in the Components tree, as if it hasn’t been disposed of. AM I approaching things correctly here? Or does fuse handle screens and routes differently?


When you push a new page, the old one isn’t neccessarily disposed immediately. This is at the discretion of the router implementation. We will expand the APIs in the future to give you more control over when pages are disposed.

However if you use goto() i think it should at least disconnect the page immediately.