Router animaton

I use router.goto(), it changes a page with animation. How to turn that animation off, to switch pages immediately?

It depends a little on what router outlet you’re using as the parent of that page. If it’s a Navigator, then you can just set Transition="None" on the page.

You can read more about Transitions here:

Thank you, it helped. But now router.push don’t work, when navigator’s Transition is set to “None”. While router.goto works fine (but in my case, I need to keep the history to be able go back).

Please be much more specific. “Don’t work” is a very vague report that we can’t help with.

Educated guess: the problem you’re experiencing (i.e., not seeing the new page?) is because it’s behind the currently active one. You’ve effectively removed the transition, but… the old page should still go away, and the new one should appear, right? So please, go ahead and spend some time reading about Transitions that I linked to previously.

Try set color to tag Page


  <Page ux:Class="EditHikePage" Color="#ffffff" Transition="None">