How to change Android API level

I can see prior discussion on this topic (e.g. edit ~/.fuse/sdkConfig.json) but that file does not exist. If I create such a file, it has no effect. Google Play is telling me that I must use API Level 26 from August 2018 onwards…

I am running Fuse Studio 1.5 on Mac High Sierra. (Note, I cannot upgrade Fuse Studio as I am dependent on fuse_modules for QR reader and modal dialogs and builds fail for Fuse Studio greater than 1.5…)

Any advice is welcome as I am currently stuck…



You can add options in .unoproj file.
please read the doc here Android Deployment

 "Android": {
     "SDK": {
			"BuildToolsVersion": "26.0.0",
			"CompileVersion": 26,
			"MinVersion": 19,
			"TargetVersion": 26
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