How can i see my app and edit it in real time on my phone

Just to get it cleared up brcause i am finding it tricky how do i test the app on my phone i have an Iphone 5s on ios 8.1.2 is this supported ? and do i have to build the app in xcode first to see the preview and edit it ? do i need a developer certificate from xcode ? and may if im mistaken can i get a step by step explanation on how to set it up on my phone pleaseeeee :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan,

Have a look here:


Note that if you are editing Uno code, you have to do a full re-deploy to reflect changes. If you are editing UX files and JS code, changes will reflect in real time.

it says the the guide is unable to load :frowning:

Try now - i updated the link

i find it confusing i am following the steps but when i build for ios in brings me into xcode and when i choose local it just comes up on computer but not my device am i missing something ?

Hi, not really sure what you mean.

There are two ways of previewing:

  • Preview on device - it will then bring you to xcode where you can choose what device to run on, either a physical device or the iOS simulator. Go ahead and launch the app on the device or simulator, and it will then connect to the Fuse daemon and listen to code changes.

  • Preview locally - runs your app as a desktop program, with live preview

i dont know why but i keep getting errors and it says my device is unelligable

You need to provide more precise information in order for us to help further…

Are you able to deploy other apps (not made in Fuse) to the same device? This sounds like it’s a problem with your Xcode setup, Apple developer account or similar.

I’d recommend taking a look at Apple’s documentation for this: