Horizontal ScrollView inside PageControl

I have a horizontal scrollview inside PageControl and I noticed it doesn’t intercept touch instead if I want to scroll the PageControl just moves to the other page. What can I do to be able to scroll?

this is the scrollview inside page

    <ScrollView AllowedScrollDirections="Horizontal" Height="150" Width="100%">
        <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Alignment="VerticalCenter">
          <Each Items="{items}">
            <CustomItem Name="{name}" Image="{image}"/>

and this page is in pagecontrol as Page1


The CustomItem contain image, if I touch to scroll outside the image it works, but if its on top of the image, the touch doesn’t get intercepted, it moves to page2

Hi Dreson,

this is a known issue that unfortunately requires significant refactoring on the Gesture system. It is a work-in-progress though and you can follow the status here: https://github.com/fusetools/fuselibs-public/pull/87