Exdending the hikr tutorial

[LOL cant edit the typo in the Title im soo sorry]

Hey guys,

I extended the hikr-tutorial with a real back-end. Everything seems to be working well except one thing:
Only the old values gets sent to the backend. I think its due to that i.e. “name” is not an observable.

I am trying to get the “realtime” (state of the TextBox) data by name.value inside ‘EditHikePage.js’

I could create a privat git-repo if needed.

Any helpwould be awesome :slight_smile:

Without any code we won’t be able to help you with anything. I suggest you do proper debugging by yourself first, and try to isolate the issue in a minimal reproduction, and post that instead.

Thank you for answering me <3

I already created a private git repo and pointed to the location of the problem by putting your Name in comments ^^
If you search for “Uldis” you’ll get a result inside Modules/Content.js - Line 50
I also tried to place the function inside Pages/EditHikePage.js without any success.
The topic is kind of crusial thats why I put it inside a private repo. Any way to invite you?


We strongly encourage posting the code in question on forums, since that is where we provide community support. That comes with the added value of other people being able to look up the problem and its solution later.

Looking into private repos is generally something that we do as part of commercial support, but if you hit me up on our Slack community (I’m @uldis there), I just might make an exception.

Hmmm Uldis, im so sorry, I’ve just synced the official hikr repo from git and discovered, that the saving indeed works. I take this as base and start again from there. I will report back asap.

OMG just saw your answer. Love ya :slight_smile: But first I work alone a bit and would rather use your lovely one-time-offer more wisely. I got a lot of projects running (mostly with a wordpress as backend), and maybe I could provide some useful tools for the community if I success.

LOL - omg how stupid am I ?!?

<StackPanel ux:Class="Field">
	<string ux:Property="Title" />
	<string ux:Property="TextValue" />
	<Separator2 />
	<Grid Columns="100,1*">
		<TitleText Value="{ReadProperty Title}" />
		<yz.TextBox Value="{ReadProperty TextValue}" />

I thought making a class here would be nice to implement fields like:

<Field Title="Name: " TextValue="{name}" />

I didn’t think about ReadProperty

Well we still don’t see what the problem was and how you managed to solve it, but congrats on doing it yourself anyway!

Too early…xD Still messing around. As soon as I locate it I will place everything here.

OK Now I have proof:

I AM stupid!

When extending the code I got the save()-function wrong, and since my Save2Backfunction was made by extending a duplicated function of that, everything broke.

For anyone suprisingly running into the same:

Please take care that the first paramater (id) of the save-function differs from the rest, because we dont enter it in the UI (I know im just … -.- ):

function save() {
	Context.updateWeed(hike.value.id, name.value, content.value);