Guarding Routes and In App Purchases

Hey Guys!

I am currently developing an app with a handfull of routes. The plan is to persue a freemium business model where users are able to access only some pages and have to pay for the full version.

I am aware of these two libraries but I would need more specific help (especially with the route guarding, saving the state and restoring) since I have little to no experience in mobile development. I think there could be some more people with the same question so this would really help us out. Thanks! (iOS) 1 (Android)

you’re asking an incredibly broad question that does not have a simple answer. Mobile development or not, you’d need to write some authentication logic against a backend and hook up your IAPs so that the backend knows which user has paid for what things.

From there, when an authenticated user logs into your app, you’d need to create a “User” class of sorts, written in JavaScript. It would then store the state of the logged-in user. And then it’s up to you how you use it.

If you’d ask more specific questions, you could get more specific answers, but right now it just looks like a bit of homework is due on your part.