Glitchy animation on iOS for TextEdit controls


I’m animating part of my UI using LayoutAnimation to react to the soft-keyboard on iOS, and while most of the animations work fine, the TextEdit controls will appear at their “end” position for one or two frames before the animation starts.

During the animation, they also seem to lag behind the rest of the surrounding visuals.

I’m using the Basic theme.


If a TextEdit has focus, it is a real native control which as separate layer and animation can not be guaranteed to be in sync. You have the following options to fix this:

  • Use Theme="Native" or a NativeViewHost around the entire part of your UI that is being animated.
  • Don’t rely on animating a textbox while it has focus (pretty bad UX pattern anyway)

Hi Anders,

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll make sure to try the NativeViewHost solution and see if I can get better results with that.

I’m only animating the UI in order to react to the soft-keyboard appearing, that’s a pretty common pattern on iOS (but maybe there’s a better way to do it).