Getting distance(in meteres) far long even device is laid down on the table

Hello Sir,

I want to use GeoLocation in fusetools for our project, here I had to face a problem with the location of the device at same the time. I have uploaded code for example which I have created to get better understand to the community to figure out our problem with GeoLocation.

Fuse version: 1.7.3

Operating system version: macOS

Device type: Android, iOS

Expected Scenario: When any user changes the location OR move one place to another place then I want user’s location in a specific range(meters).

Actual Result: Here in my example, location is updating constantly even device is placed in one place. and getting wrong distances like up to 20-50 Meters

I have upload sample code for above problem and the link is :

I have added all my logs to the different devices just below:

I am waiting for the better solution to my problem with GeoLocation


Hiren Bharodiya

Thank You.