get ValueChanged works only one time

Hi guys ,i’m running to a little issue with value changed function.

im calling a value changed function in my input (show the code bellow) , who search some cities and show them on a dropdown panel.
when i click to a city shown on this dropdown panel i want my input be equal to this city. this works perfectly but , clicking on a city fire a second time my value changed. how can i get my value changed works only one time or prevent my value changed fire again?

<Panel ux:Class="DropDown" Margin="10" Alignment="Top">
  <Panel ux:Name="Header">
    <TextInput Margin="5,0,5,0" PlaceholderText="Enter adress" Value="{ville}" ValueChanged="{searchPLace}" PlaceholderColor="Gray">
      <Rectangle Height="1.5" Layer="Background" Alignment="Bottom" Margin="0,30,0,0" Fill="#eee"/>
  <Panel LayoutRole="Inert" ux:Name="HiddenPart" Color="#eee" MaxHeight="300" Alignment="Top" Margin="0,15,0,0">
    <Translation RelativeTo="Size" RelativeNode="Header" Y="1"/>
        <Each Items="{predictions}">
            <Panel Color="#ff1744" HitTestMode="LocalBounds">
              <Clicked Handler="{CityClicked}"/>
              <Text Margin="20" Value="{description}" TextColor="White"/>
              <Rectangle Height="1" Alignment="Bottom" Layer="Background" Color="White"/>

    <WhileFalse Value="{dropdown}">
      <Change  HiddenPart.Opacity="0" Duration="0.1" Easing="CubicIn"/>
      <Change  HiddenPart.Visibility="Hidden" Duration="0.1" Easing="CubicIn"/>
      <Move Y="-300" Duration="0.2" Easing="CubicIn"/>

Hi! Sorry, I don’t understand the question. Can you try to rephrase, and perhaps show more relevant code?