FuseJS/Phone. Launch built-in phone app but do not make call

I’m adding to my app Share, Email and Phone modules. While Share and Email launch the build-in app and wait for user input, Phone will make the call immediately as phone.call("...."); is called.

The behaviour of Share and Email, and Phone is not consistent with each other: the first launches the app and wait for the user to add or edit, for example the mail before sending it, the latter will make the call immediately. In my opinion, the Phone module too should launch the built-in phone app, but then wait for the user to decide to start the phone call. There are two important reasons:

  1. Launching the built-in phone app and wait for the user interaction is the same as asking a confirm
  2. The user could edit an eventual wrong phone number

Now, it’s easy to make a call accidentally and to avoid this we need to make a window or message box pop-up and ask a confirmation.

The Phone module does exactly what it’s supposed to do. There is no apparent reason why one app should behave similarly to another, totally unrelated app.

If you just need to open the default dialer app with a pre-filled phone number, you should use LaunchUri with tel:... URI scheme.


    <Panel Width="128" Height="48">
            <LaunchUri Uri="tel:12345" />
        <Text Value="Call me!" TextColor="#fff" Alignment="Center" />
        <Rectangle Color="#18f" CornerRadius="2" />

Didn’t know about the tel: URI scheme.

Thank you.