Fuse Studio when i click on Problems Tab

Dear Sirs,

I have a crash on Fuse Studio when i click on Problems Tab, it hangs up and then crash.

Do you have any idea ?

About my environment:

Fuse version 1.2.1 (build 13974)
Operating System: Windows 10


Sounds like an issue only affecting a particular project. A few steps to take:

  1. See if you can run a blank, new project.
  2. Run fuse preview in the project folder from CMD and check what errors are thrown there.
  3. Send us the logs.

@Uldis, i seems to be like recursive errors

To be clear, please see this video from my screen
NOTE: after that video until now fuse studio still hanging and freezing

Okay. Then you should comment out some code to isolate the cause.

This is much more likely to be an issue with your project rather than a bug in Fuse.

Okay, tell me where to send the code ?

You should do some debugging on your part first, to isolate the cause for the crash. Once you find the place where it breaks, we can take a look at your project. We prefer minimal reproductions though.

When you have a minimal reproduction or clear pointers what needs to be done to cause the crash, please upload the project here.


The problem is not with my code exactly, it works fine !

but when i have some issues like missing export or missing callback and i need to track it the Fuse Studio got freezing !