Fuse projects + Travis CI

I am trying to make Travis test my commits in Github.
So far I have this…

  "osx_image": "xcode8.3",
  "os": "osx",
  "before_script": [
    "wget https://www.fusetools.com/downloads/latest/beta/osx -O fuse-installer.pkg && sudo installer -pkg fuse-installer.pkg -target /"
  "script": [
    "fuse build -t=iOS -DCOCOAPODS -DUSE_HARFBUZZ myApp.unoproj"
  "global_env": "XCODE_XCCONFIG_FILE=$TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/.travis.xcconfig",
  "language": "ruby"

But I get lots of errors, a few examples:

fatal error: could not build module 'Darwin'
fatal error: could not build module 'CoreFoundation'

Complete Log

15 minutes of build time and 35 errors pretty similar.
Has anyone been able to get a good script together?
I just want to double check my commits.

PS: If Travis could test the app on a deeper lever that would be pretty awesome too!

Hi Luis,

I took a look at what was done in FuseCloud repo and tested that Travis config on my own fuse-prefs this morning. All went well, happy days!

If you take a look at fuselibs-public configuration, you’ll notice that Travis also runs a lot of tests for us. Let’s leave figuring out how to add tests as an exercise for the reader :slight_smile:

Looking at the config file you pasted, I see it’s not YAML, so that might be the core issue with it.

I have the same configuration as Fuse Cloud, however I need to build using -DCOCOAPODS and I think this is what’s causing trouble. (If I don’t I get missing Firebase Pod)

The config code is from the TRAVIS dashboard, in the YAML is just like yours.
Any workaround for Cocoapods?

Looked around a little and I found this. That should help :slight_smile:

I tried it but it’s too old.
api.fusetools.com no longer works and some NDK issues as well.

But thanks, it gives a great idea on how to accomplish it!