Fuse Preview on Multiple Devices


Apologies for the poor lighting, but here’s a quick & shaky handheld video I did showing just how cool the instant automatic updating of devices can be, whenever JS or UX code is modified in Fuse.

My simple app looks like this:

        <Grid Columns="1*,1*,1*,1*" Height="45" >
			<Rectangle Row="0" Column="1" Color="Red"/>
			<Rectangle Row="0" Column="0" Color="Blue"/>
			<Rectangle Row="0" Column="2" Color="Yellow"/>
			<Rectangle Row="0" Column="3" Color="Green"/>

All I do is modify some properties of the Grid, but it could be anything from JS or UX.

The demo uses an Android 5 based Nexus tablet, Android 6 based Nexus phone, iOS 9.2 based iPhone and an iOS 8.1 based iPad.  Also in shot is the Fuse 'local preview' window on my Mac.  All the devices are connected over WiFi, not cabled.



Cool, Steve! :slight_smile: We took the liberty of re-tweeting this https://twitter.com/steve1215/status/794197760773935105