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Fuse preview Android don't work

i can’t live preview my app on Android devise when i use this command

fuse preview -tandroid

can i have help please?

note :
my fuse version is 1.10.0-rc-1
OS: windows 10 pro 64bits (17134)
Mobile OS: Android 7.0
Phone: Wiko Lenny 4



There was a fix for this, just point your project to use the latest fuselibs source: https://github.com/fuse-open/fuselibs

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Hi and thks for fuselibs.
fut how can i point my project to my new fiselib version please.


You could then point your project to the latest fuselibs with a .unoconfig file with: Packages.SourcePaths += [path to fuselibs]/fuselibs/Source