Fuse (beta) release #0.5.7000


Release highlights:


  • Introduced the Fuse dashboard. Please see the tutorial. The dashboard opens automatically when you start Fuse for the first time, you can later launch it from the Fuse tray menu.
  • Support for OS X El Capitan
  • Fixed bug causing KeyNotFoundException in preview
  • Fixes to the sublime updater that in some scenarios could result in a corrupted package install on OSX


  • ScrollViewer has been renamed to ScrollView.


  • Added NativeEvent to be able to call events from Uno
  • Improved recovering from JavaScript errors in preview

Known issues

  • On OS X, when upgrading to 0.5.7000, the recent projects list will be cleared
  • On OS X, make sure you restart Fuse after updating from an older version

Go here to download!

A bug has been discovered on OS X where the preview window process will hang after you have closed it. We are working on a fix. In the mean time, you can open Activity Monitor and force quit the Fuse (Not Responding) process.

This issue has now been fixed. Please see the release notes for 0.5.7001.