Fuse 1.3: Sender isn't valid anymore

After upgrading to Fuse 1.3.0 the sender argument is not valid anymore:

    <DockPanel >

            function test(args) {

            module.exports = {
                test: test
        <Panel Dock="Top" ux:Name="mnuHome">
            <Grid Margin="0,50,0,0" Rows="auto,auto">
                <Rectangle Row="0" Color="#232323" Width="200" Height="200"/>
                <Text Row="1" Value="Test" TextAlignment="Center" Margin="0,10,0,0"/>
                <Callback Handler="{test}" />


It’s null now.

Same in Fuse 1.3.1

I’ve reproduced this issue, and it’s indeed a regression in 1.3. Thanks for the report.

OK, I think I’ve figured out the issue, and I’ve sent a PR to fix it. If you’re daring, you could try building from source yourself until this has made it into a release.

Ok, thanks for info.

This should now be fixed in Fuse 1.3.2