Sender is not valid anymore?

Hi fuse,

Im trying to access element name in js but sender prop is now not showing.

             child1 has clicked prop with ux:Name="item1"
             child2 has clicked prop  with ux:Name="item2"

Mind showing the code you have? I just tested with this and I get the sender in args just fine:

		module.exports = {
			test: function(args) {
	<Panel ux:Name="test" HitTestMode="LocalBounds">
			<Callback Handler="{test}" />

Note: if you’re using the Clicked as a property on an element (e.g., <Panel Clicked="{test}" />), sender was never available there. It’s something that Callback adds.

Thanks UIdis, now i understand problem my code has own name inner

console.log(JSON.stringify(arg,0,2)); // sender name rect but i override it when use

<Card ux:Name="Card1">
          <Callback Handler="{fn}" />

<Card ux:Name="Card2">
          <Callback Handler="{fn}" />

 <Container ux:Class="Card" Subtree="rect" BackColor="{Resource Material.CardColor}" CornerRadius="2" ShadowEnabled="true">
	<bool ux:Property="ShadowEnabled"  />
	<float4 ux:Property="CornerRadius" /> 
	<float4 ux:Property="StrokeColor" />
	<float4 ux:Property="BackColor" />
	<int ux:Property="StrokeWidth" />

	<Rectangle ux:Name="rect" ux:Binding="Children" Color="{Property BackColor}" CornerRadius="{ReadProperty CornerRadius}" Fill="0,0,0,0" HitTestMode="LocalVisualAndChildren">
		<InteractiveTransform ux:Name="transform" />
		<WhilePressed ux:Name="wp">
			<Change this.Opacity=".85" Duration="0.5" Easing="Material.StandardCurve" />
		<Stroke Width="{Property StrokeWidth}" Color="{Property StrokeColor}"  />
		<WhileTrue Value="{ReadProperty ShadowEnabled}">
			<Shadow Color="#0004"
			        Angle="{Property transform.Rotation} * (180/3.14159) + 90"
			     Distance="max(1, ({ReadProperty transform.ZoomFactor} - 1) * 25)"
			         Size="max(2, ({ReadProperty transform.ZoomFactor} - 1) * 30)" />

Okay. I should add that relying on sender being present, or that it means something particular is not recommended. The interface may change in the future, and sender might be removed entirely.

A better/recommended approach is to raise separate callback functions from different sources.

Okay. Now i solved my problem with seperate callback fn. But, there may be a problem when there are too many items.

Thanks for helps. Best regard :slight_smile: