2byte-language(Korean) not support.

OS: windows 7 64bit (Korea) fuse version: Uno: 0.5.3309-Win32 source: https://www.fusetools.com/developers/examples/todoapp

we try to change button text “OK” to “해봐”, but we can not view korean character(“해봐”) on button.


In the current version of Fuse, you have to use a Font file (.ttf or .otf) that actually contains those characters, because the current text renderer does not automatically support fallback fonts.

A new text rendering system which is based on the native text rendering will roll out soon. This will support all characters in Unicode.

Thanks for your patience!

I success to use Korean on Fuse App.

My env is OS X 10.10.4, Fuse 0.5.3373

  1. Put the font file(.ttf) into the project directory The font file cannot have capital character(A-Z), only a-z
  2. In the *.ux file, use The class name must be equal to the font file name.
  • And in the *.ux file, guess I hope to apply to button, \ \blah-blah-blah\ \

I can display korean iff this form.

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Hi, It seems we still need to copy fonts in project directory. Hope you to fix this problem sooner.


This fix was rolled out a long time ago for Android and iOS. However, Local desktop preview stil uses the old text renderer. Its on our list of things :slight_smile: