Font Asset not found when using imported UX from Sketch

Hi all,

This is my first trial using sketch import, built successfully, but I found this exception when starting the app, so it cannot open:

Uno.Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Font asset not found signpainter-housesc-ede8165a.ttf

The following is generated automatically in sketch UX when importing:

<Font File="TestFuseSketch.sketch-assets/SignPainter-HouseScript.ttf" ux:Global="SignPainter_HouseScript" />

and this is in the mainview:

<Text Font="SignPainter_HouseScript" FontSize="48" TextColor="#000" Value="LOGIN NOW" X="0%" Y="20.7547169811321%" />

I checked the font, it’s there, in the correct location as defined in the UX.
When I try without the sketch defined font (I removed the <Font file…), the app build and run successfully.

Any idea about this?
…Using Fuse version 0.34.0 (build 10613) on Sierra 10.12.3

I’m a newbie with Fuse, and already loves it… Please help :slight_smile: