Failed to load AST Cache


Having a rather strange issue here while previewing projects, I’ve checked that JDK, ANDK and ANT are all installed and paths are known to fuse. But everytime I restart windows, Fuse fails to start, I get a cmd window for a few secs, then it just disappears and nothing happens. Now if I reinstall Fuse on every system restart, it works but then this problem came up.

Fuse 0.31.2 (build 9180)
Build started: FullCompile
C:\Users\AT\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Fuse.Controls.Video\0.42.4\.uno\package: E0000: Failed to load AST cache: Could not find file 'C:\Users\AT\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Fuse.Controls.Video\0.42.4\.uno\lib.uno55'.
C:\Users\AT\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Fuse.Controls.Video\0.42.4\.uno\package(1,1): Error E0000: Failed to load AST cache: Could not find file 'C:\Users\AT\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Fuse.Controls.Video\0.42.4\.uno\lib.uno55'.

Build completed in 4.19 seconds
    1 error
Build ended
fuse: Failed to compile project

I checked the directory where it could not find the file and it is indeed not there. Has anyone had this issue before, is there a fix or workaround?

Ok, so Fuse stops working each time you reboot? Can you please try to:

  • Install Fuse
  • Check the contents C:\Users\AT\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages
  • Check the contents of C:\Users\AT\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Fuse\App
  • Reboot
  • Check the contents of those two directories again, and see if there are any changes

Thanks for replying. So I did what you said but there does not seem to be any changes.

I took a print screen of the last message displayed on the cmd window that opens up during fuse startup and it basically says “Fuse.exe” not found.!


I went to the directory where Fuse was installed and ran Fuse.exe from there and it runs with the build error mention earlier still persisting and Fuse commands no longer working on cmd. I am beginning to think this might be a permission issue.

I will try installing Fuse on a different machine in the eve and let you know how that goes as well.

Thanks for checking that out, that rules out another issue I had in mind.

This might very well be a permission issue as you suggest. Fuse tries to verify that all required components are installed, and one of the methods it uses is File.Exists, which will return false if the calling process does not have permission to read that file.

Good luck with the other machine!