Extremely long loading times before I can preview on Android

It takes 1497.53 seconds to preview a project on Android. The Building Android app 1/2: libMaterialDesign.so takes most of the time. What is going on? It can’t be my computer, because it isn’t a slow one.

I also get a fatal error when I try to preview locally… This is what the console says:

Build started: FullCompile Configuring (4,260.93 ms)

Compiling syntax tree (3,451.30 ms)

Generating code and data (13,688.47 ms)

FATAL ERROR: Unhandled exception:

System.IO.IOException: De map is niet leeg.

at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.Directory.DeleteHelper(String fullPath, String userPath, Boolean recursive, Boolean throwOnTopLevelDirectoryNotFound) at System.IO.Directory.Delete(String fullPath, String userPath, Boolean recursive, Boolean checkHost) at Uno.Compiler.Backends.CIL.CilBackend.Build() in c:\BuildAgent-1\work\397767071b813b09\Source\Compiler\Uno.Compiler.Backends.CIL\CilBackend.cs:line 275 at Uno.Compiler.Core.CompilerObject.Generate(Action`1 callback) in c:\BuildAgent-1\work\397767071b813b09\Source\Compiler\Uno.Compiler.Core\CompilerObject.cs:line 226 at Uno.Build.ProjectBuilder.Build(Project project, BuildTarget target, BuildOptions options) in c:\BuildAgent-1\work\397767071b813b09\Source\Build\Uno.Build\ProjectBuilder.cs:line 190

?: FatalError I0074: Unhandled exception: De map is niet leeg. Build ended Exception of type ‘Outracks.CLI.ExitWithError’ was thrown. Press any key to exit.

I don’t understand shit of this, I hope you know what the problem is :stuck_out_tongue:

The initial builds for Android can take a few seconds, but not that long! Could you please upload your project to https://www.dropbox.com/request/ZgndLtJQm5eGzG9cicGK, so we can take a look at it?

Also, can you please share the exact way you start preview? Are you starting it from the dashboard, an editor plugin, or the command line (if so, which exact commands do you use)?

It happens with every project. The example projects as well! So I think it hasn’t something to do with the project.

I open Fuse by searching Fuse. And I preview it from the Dashboard. I click on the project, Preview, Android. I’ve also tried it with Sublime Text shortcut. Rightclick on the mainview file and preview Android.

Edit: Somehow it works, for now… Edit: Nevermind, it is still not working.

Can you please try to do an export instead of a preview, and see if you get the same issue? You can do that by clicking “Open in Terminal” for the project in the dashboard, and then do fuse build -v --target=android. Please paste the output of that command here. By the way, are you on Windows or OS X?