Examples in Video Format dan Youtube channel

First of all I want to say many thanks for hard work in example section.

Just one suggestion for example section. It would be nice to see link to youtube video for each sample so we can see how the sample build from scratch.

Like many youtube videos I see with subject ‘ui html and css speed coding’, ‘sketch ui speed coding’ etc.

Suggestions For Youtube channel :

  1. Remove or edit video that no longer work (that use Theme=“Basic”, using deprecated feature etc)
  2. Add newest videos like : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j82MMNw-6dM (Anders video) to Learning Fuse playlist.
  3. Video on how to use Sketch (best practice) for Fusetools. I hope it will encourage more designer to try Fusetools as I see few threads already within the sketch subject.

p.s : I don’t know which category that suitable for this thread, sorry if I put it in wrong category :slight_smile: