Please Bring YouTube Tutorials Back


I haven’t been to the YouTube channel in a while, and was surprised to visit it today and find all but two videos unavailable.

I understand that much of the tutorials are for older versions of Fuse and that Fuse has changed a lot since then.

However, I still found some of them helpful. I wanted to watch the long live stream that explained in detail how to use ES6 and avoid using Observables.

The last time I checked the docs (which truthfully was a while ago) the only part that was updated in this way was the hikr tutorial. Much of the docs were not up to date. They explained things the old way and used Observables in the sample code. Same with the Fuse Examples.

Because the docs were lagging behind, I really found the more recent vids very helpful. Have things changed much regarding the documentation?

If not, is there some way that we can have access to these vids again? I know that the YouTube channel has changed to focus on driving marketing to a different audience, but for us developers using Fuse Open, maybe the vids can be shared on a separate channel for us?


I’ll second that, @Anders_Lassen! :smiley:

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Oh hey @Angela_Burton, I found this “hidden” doc on FuseJS:


I agree and miss the old videos on youtube. They helped me a lot when I was starting to study Fuse.

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Cool! Thanks, @aeq :grin:


The youtube-videos should be back online now, but they are unlisted.

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@kusma, who can we get them please

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Thank you so much! :grin::smiley::smile:

As @MVONDO_Yannick said, we don’t know how to get to them. There are a few links scattered throughout the docs, but we’d have to comb through the docs to find them.

Would it be possible to post the links to the unlisted tutorials somewhere, or maybe post one link to a playlist that includes them all?

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The youtube-playlist that can be found on has now been restored:

Thanks for pointing this out, and thanks to the people at Fusetools for following up on this!


Hi, here a playlist of YouTube FuseTools videos.