Error "Project cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed." when trying to run Xcode preview

Hi all, I’m just trying to run an example app using Xcode preview and keep getting an error popup stating “Project cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed.” I know this problem has been reported before, but the thread I saw was from a year ago so I assumed it had been fixed. I’m currently running Fuse 0.31.2 (build 9180) with Xcode 8.2 on macOS Sierra. Literally all I have run is the following:

fuse create app fuse_test

cd fuse_test

fuse preview -tios

The app then builds and I get the error. Meanwhile, a regular fuse preview runs fine. Can anyone else reproduce this or might it just be a problem with my Xcode? Is this a bug or am I making an error that can be easily fixed? Please let me know. Thanks!

Wound up fixing this by going into Xcode prefs and creating a iOS development signing identity for my team (which for some reason hadn’t been done already). Seems to be working now. Thanks anyway!

Hey Tyler!

Good to hear that you managed to solve your issue. For any others that run into the same issue, a fix for this will be included in Fuse 0.32 (which is already available on the QA channel). See also this thread for some more info on the issue.

Another way to solve the issue in the meantime is to manually set the dev team when building. See this section in the docs.