Dynamic update support

Is there any way to change the app after export and publish to users, like the preivew mode does?

There are 3 kinds of changes:

  1. Native code related changes which needs a rebuild, so this kind of change can not apply dynamicly (uno and codebehind).

  2. The ux files which are converted to uno and will be compiled to native code. I don’t know how preview mode apply this kind of changes dynamicly.

  3. JavaScript and resources may be easy to change.

Your breakdown is pretty spot-on: just like with regular native development tools, native code cannot be “hot updated”, no.

For JS/“dumb assets”, we are currently in the planning stages of figuring out how that will work in practice, as it needs to be engineered in a way that fits with the UX way of working. Most likely it’ll involve some sort of backend service that you can use to manage and push updates from, but it’s too early to either promise or give specs on.

Rest assured, it’s something we’re already interested in and working on. :slight_smile:

Any update on this feature. Its a killer feature. Microsoft code push already supports Reactnative and Cordova apps. Meteor can also update cordova apps.

This feature isn’t actively being developed right now, but it is in our roadmap for sure. :slight_smile: