Drawing.Image.FromStream error

I have a demo app that loads different pictures from a simple test server. The problem is that from time to time I get this error when navigating between sections (most of which have pictures)

[Viewport]: System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid.
   at System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(Stream stream, Boolean useEmbeddedColorManagement, Boolean validateImageData)
   at System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(Stream stream)
   at Fuse.Resources.Exif.ExifDotNetImpl.FromByteArray(Byte[] bytes) in C:\Users\Mircea\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Fuse.Elements\1.4.0\Resources\Exif\Exif.uno:line 102
   at Fuse.Resources.Exif.ExifData.FromByteArray(Byte[] buffer) in C:\Users\Mircea\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Fuse.Elements\1.4.0\Resources\Exif\Exif.uno:line 32
   at Fuse.Resources.HttpImageSourceImpl.HttpCallback(HttpResponseHeader response, Byte[] data) in C:\Users\Mircea\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Fuse.Elements\1.4.0\Resources\HttpImageSource.uno:line 155
   at Experimental.Http.BinaryLoader.OnLoaded(HttpMessageHandlerRequest resp) in C:\Users\Mircea\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Experimental.Http\1.4.0\BinaryLoader.uno:line 51
   at Uno.Net.Http.HttpMessageHandlerRequest.DispatchClosure.Run() in C:\Users\Mircea\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Uno.Net.Http\1.4.3\HttpMessageHandlerRequest.uno:line 156
   at Fuse.UpdateManager.ProcessPostActionsImpl() in C:\Users\Mircea\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Packages\Fuse.Common\1.4.0\UpdateManager.uno:line 476

The error is fairly inconsistent since it happens at various times in different sections, despite the fact that they work as intended 95% of the time.

Here are parts of the code I use:

var picture = this.Picture.map(function(val) { 
	return common.baseURL + val 
<Circle Width="100%"  BoxSizing="FillAspect" Aspect="1" ClipToBounds="true" >
	<ImageFill Url="{picture}" ContentAlignment="Center"  StretchMode="UniformToFill" />

What I suspect happens is that the server rejects the call at some point, so my question is what happens in that case, if an imageFill call gets rejected (and not with a 404) and how could I debug it?

Hi mircea.

You should be able to put WhileLoading and WhileFailed on the Circle. These should get triggered with appropriate states from the ImageFill.

<Circle Width="100%"  BoxSizing="FillAspect" Aspect="1" ClipToBounds="true" >
    <ImageFill Url="{picture}" ContentAlignment="Center"  StretchMode="UniformToFill" />
        <!-- ... -->
        <!-- ... -->