InternalError: ImageSource error: 'HttpImageSource-failed-converson': image/gif

I’m not shure if this is a bug or me doing something wrong.

I am loading articles as JSON and displaying them in an Fuse UX. Some of the images appear, while some dont. The images that doesnt appear seems to be all .gif files ( not animated ).

I’m trying to catch the error with WhileFailed, and would like to toggle a property to collapse the image space if its not loaded properly, but the args provided to the callback is empty so I have no way of knowing which object to toggle when the image loading fails.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Error message from console: 
[Viewport]: InternalError: ImageSource error: 'HttpImageSource-failed-converson': image/gif in 

        module.exports = {
            errorHandler : function(args){
                console.log("Image " + JSON.stringify(;
<WhileString Value="{type}" Equals="article">
    <Panel Dock="Left">
        <Image Url="{image}" Width="80" Margin="0,0,10,0" Alignment="TopLeft">
                <Callback Handler="{errorHandler}"/>

Hi Palton,

for various reasons, Fuse does not support using GIF images. You should check for the file extension before you add the items to the Observable list variable and skip the images that aren’t PNG of JPG.

Then that is what I will do! Thank you! :slight_smile: