Differences on parameter of clicked function

Hi guys, since 0.20 we changed the <Clicked> tags for the inline Clicked property of a component. In the handler function we are receiving the parameter and we do something with the sender attribute, but this parameter it’s different if we use the inline property. Here’s a simple example of what i’m trying to say:

        module.exports = {
            foo: function (obj){

        <Button ux:Name="btn1" Text="Click!" Clicked="{foo}"/>

        <Button ux:Name="btn2" Text="Click!">
                <Callback Handler="{foo}"/>

output btn1: {"node":{"external_object":{}},"data":{},"x":194,"y":8,"index":0}

output btn2: {"node":{"external_object":{}},"data":{},"sender":"btn2"}

why are they different?

we are using fuse 0.21.0 build 6650

Callback is the source of the event in the second case, not the Clicked trigger. You can however put the handler directly on the trigger: <Clicked Handler="{foo}"/>