Access to a function Parameters

I have a Each element like this:

<Each Items="{MyItem}">
        <Text Value="{Text}"/>
        <Clicked Handler="{WhatId}" />

And in Js I have:

function MyItem(Text,Id){
    this.Text = Text;
    this.Id = Id;

function WhatId(){

How can Access in Js to the Id of the clicked Each (MyItem)?


Hi! Hopefully this example makes it clear how to access the context of the clicked item:

<App Theme="Basic">
            var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable');
            var selectedItemName = Observable('None selected')
            function selectItem(args) {
                console.log (JSON.stringify(args));
                selectedItemName.value =
            module.exports = {
                items : [
                    {name: "item1"},
                    {name: "item2"},
                    {name: "item3"}
                selectedItemName: selectedItemName,
                selectItem: selectItem,
        <Text Value="{selectedItemName}" />
        <Each Items="{items}">
            <Panel Clicked="{selectItem}">
                <Text Value="{name}" />

The console.log-statement will list the available properties on the clicked arguments: