Prevent capitalization of input when InputHint="Email"

When adding InputHint=“Email” to a TextEdit/TextInput, it does 2 things:

  • draws an “email” keayboard with the @ key easily accessible.
  • prevents the automatic capitalization of the first letter.

While the first one works in both Android and iOS, the second is absent from iOS. I have found no (UX) way to prevent the first letter from being turned into its uppercase version. Is this the intended behaviour? If it is, what would you suggest to get a coherent behaviour across platforms?


Did you try setting AutoCapitalizationHint to None?

We’re using the native text editors, so we’re limited to what they can do. Setting InputHint to Email sets UITextInput.KeyboardType to UIKeyboardType.UIKeyboardTypeEmailAddress. Auto-capitalization has a separate switch (AutoCapitalizationHint as mentioned above), that controls UITextInput.AutocapitalizationType.

Thanks Erik, I suppose it should do the trick but I get that instead: 'TextEdit' does not have a property called 'AutoCapitalizationHint'

Maybe it’s not in production yet? I don’t see it documented anywhere.

You’re right, this is not yet in production. My bad. Well, the good news is that this feature is coming soon :wink:

This is now available in Fuse 0.12.4