Dash Documentation Set

It would be nice to get a Dash documentation set for Fuse, I use Dash extensively in Sublime Text. Based on the fact you’re already generating an html docset it shouldn’t be that difficult to port over.



We have no immediate plans to support this, but we might look into it at some point.

Love to have this as well. Would be super useful to learn Fuse.

Dash has indeed been mentioned to us before, as well as Velocity. There are a couple of other good reasons why having an offline reference is nice, and we’re keen on getting there. As Kristian says there are no immediate plans to get this out the door though, but – keep piling the +1’s in this thread and who knows. :slight_smile:

In case you weren’t aware, there is actually a script to process HTML based on CSS classes into documentation:


I would give it a go myself, but I’m not yet familiar enough with Fuse syntax to tag things properly.