custom font bug on 0.31?

I got this bug after upgrading to 0.31 when

real device galaxy s7 edge

fuse preview -tandroid

Failed to ensure /data/user/0/ mkdir failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)

ERROR: Couldn’t open file: /data/user/0/
Uno.IO.IOException occured.

it will be ok if
fuse build -tandroid

I use fontawesome for display symbols

Please check, thank you

If this was a project you have built with an older version of Fuse: Did you remember to do uno clean after updating to v0.31? (As described here)

If that didn’t work, can you please provide a minimal reproduction of the code that triggers the problem?

I have already uno clean
but still not work.
After a hour :smiley: , I did discover my s7edge is on 7.0 nougat BETA

and no bug on my other devices with android under 7.0

hope this will be the only bug on android 7.0 BETA

thank you

We definitely expect Fuse apps to also work on Android 7.0, so we still want to work this out.
It would be great if you could provide code to reproduce the issue. :slight_smile: