Compress image before uploading?

Hi guys , i’m facing a little problem with uploading image to my server , its take too much time , there is a way to compress images before uploading them?

You can use ImageTools to resize it first.

How would one go about finding the ImageTools documentation organically without being explicitly linked? I wonder how many features I don’t know about because I can’t find it in the documentation.

I liked the old docs better since it tries to have everything listed out.


ImageTools can be found here:

When it comes to finding documentation, the easiest way to do so is using the search function at the top right of the site, and then selecting “Documentation” when provided with results. This way, you only get results from our documentation.

There is also a searchbar on the documentation page, which you can also use to search:

When it comes to discovering features, there are end-to-end tutorials in the making, to help you discover features of Fuse. I understand that the docs might be a bit confusing at the moment, but i think you will like things once things settle a bit :slight_smile:

Hi Liam,

The search tool is good and all, but what I meant was I wouldn’t know to search for ImageTools without knowing ImageTools exist. I only discovered Fuse had the ability to modify images when I stumbled onto this thread. Before I started with Fuse I had thourough look of all the docs section (from the sidebar) to familiarize with Fuse API and what it can/can’t do.

Often times, I would find myself stumbling onto some API or cool feature from forums and samples that I haven’t read in the docs because it is not organically reachable from the docs sidebar section and its child links. I would like to discover Fuse’s API and features from reading the docs thoroughly and not through obsure forum posts and samples. But I do understand at stage, that your main efforts are spent on iterating on Fuse rather than documentation.

I liked the old docs because I could just read it in its entirety and ctrl-F whatever I needed (old docs few more examples and explanations too), although that did not have the complete API also.

Thanks for your feedback, we are working on optimizing this experience.