Encode file to base64

How can encode a image file to Base64?

Is posible?

hi, there is an open issue on this we are waiting a answer https://www.fusetools.com/community/forums/howto_discussions/convert_a_picture_taken_with_the_camera_to_a_base6?page=1

Use the imagetools API for that.

hey @Anders_Bondehagen most of urls at forums.fusetools.com redirect to 404. If am correct i think they’re getting appended with incorrect BaseURL
https://www.fusetools.com instead of https://fuseopen.com/ + relative_path (docs/fuse/imagetools/imagetools)

Its an old link that they’re not redirecting, I relinked it for ya to fuseopen domain but if you can’t find an old link, try googling for “fuseopen [topic]”, e.g. fuseopen imagetools